But I didn’t write…

Dear readers,

A month ago, bit longer, I thought about getting back and made some plans and… Nothing happened. I’m busy, I have other projects on my mind and I still don’t have any inspiration at all.

But something else ALSO happened. I can’t go in to detail because it’s a privacy issue and I’m still angry about it. However, I’ve decided to shut this blog down, completely.

Unfortunately this also means I can’t keep my promise to complete the Ballet challenge or any of the other plans I had.

Am I sad about this? Yes. But I also know I can’t write without being personal time to time and I actually don’t WANT to write without the personal touch. The damn blog is mine and it would bore me to be all ‘bizniz’.

It could be that within a few months, when I’ll have more time than I have now, I’ll be back. I don’t know. I do know that if I want to go back in to the blogosphere, I’ll have to do that with another name and start all over again.

Thank you for reading this blog, thank you for your patience with me and I’m sorry I have to end this because of a fucking matter that doesn’t concern you. Within a few days, the blog will be set on private or completely gone, depending on WordPress working with me or not.

Have it great, sugars!