About Dandyzette

Hi there, love! Welcome to my blog.

My (online) name is Kat Grisaille and I am a 20-something Dutchie who lives in Belgium at the moment. Since the beginning of my existence I had a love for make-up and clothing and that never really changed.

The main focus of this blog are cruelty free cosmetics. Of course, one can debate about the exact definition of cruelty free, you can read my personal statement about it here. Cruelty free does not necessarily equal boring and/or expensive. I am Dutch (yeah, I know the stereotypes, darling. Forget the wooden shoes, okay?), I am a student and I love pink: it’s possible.

But clothing is one of my other loves and I have a too small closet. There is no such thing as ‘too much clothes.’

I’m not in to fashion, I only play with it. Think: pink (every shade!), iceyblue, grey, black, cream, lace, satin, chiffon, suits, cameos, faux-pearls, ballet, tulle, feminine, masculine elements, brogues, high heels, seamed stockings, chandelier earrings, tail coats, new romantic, fingerless gloves and so on.

Marlene Dietrich, Kirsten Dunst as Marie-Antoinette, Michèle Mercier as Angélique are my main sources of inspiration.

What you can expect here: everything that interests me or is on my mind: make-up, clothing, books, perhaps some DIY… Whatever I like. I am not exactly a skilled or professional MUA. Au contraire, my dear, I consider it a good day when I don’t stab mascara in my eyes. I purchase all the products myself, I don’t mind to get personal and I eh… use spicey language. I don’t avoid talking about sex and I have a thing for incredible sexy actors which I love to combine with my other loves. It’s complicated, but it works for me.

Some other details about me: I don’t eat animals, I love cats, I have two tattoos, my hair has a mind of its own, I love period drama’s, reading, dancing (ballet, modern, jazz, pole… I love it but I don’t do it as often as I should), going out and DIY (which again: I should do more often)

Leave a message if you like and perhaps we will ‘see’  each other!




2 thoughts on “About Dandyzette”

  1. I am also a huge fan of Marie Antoinette, the movie is brilliant as well, especially the costumes. 🙂 I am sewing a rokoko gown at the moment. 😉

    Best Regards,

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