Cruelty free

The main focus of this blog: to use only cruelty free products. I might be vain (or as we say in Dutch: Een ijdele tuttebel), but no animal should suffer because of it.

That is pretty difficult at the same time: what is cruelty free precisely? No animal-derived ingredients at all? Or just no animal testing? Only products that are mentioned on sites like, or ?

I have decided to mention vegan products explicitly and in some cases to trust the company. The cruelty free organisations do not always agree, some of them want be paid before a company can carry a logo (Yeah, very nice for indies…) and, unfortunately, there is a lot of nonsense on the internet.  Of course, I do not have time or the possibility to check every company personally.

So read well and keep in mind what your personal standards are and what is acceptable for you. Personally, I am not a vegan and I do not mind honey for example. In no way I want to preach or start an heavy discussion, I believe everybody should make their own decisions.

In short: everything reviewed here is cruelty free by my standards and best knowledge. If they’re also vegan it will be mentioned explicitly.

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